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Pacific Albacore with Vegetable Succotash

Sauteed Pacific albacore is spiced up with the addition of salsa and vegetables.

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Arctic Char with Red Pepper Coulis

A simple dish of Arctic char with tangy red pepper coulis.

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Chile Crusted Tilapia with Jicama Salsa

This dish takes tilapia and spices it up with chiles and a spicy jicama and jalpeno salsa.

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Smoked Salmon Dip

A simple and creamy appetizer of smoked salmon and veggies.

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Farmed Scallops with Citrus and Spicy Mango

This simple and refreshing appetizer uses citrus and scallops to create a delicious dish.

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Wild Alaskan Salmon with Lemon Dill Sauce

The salmon is complemented by the creamy lemon dill sauce, and asparagus and potatoes round out this dish.

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Faux Tuna Salad

An easy and delicious recipe for the most sustainable tuna salad you’ve ever had!

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Pacific Halibut with Green Peppercorn Sauce

This simple and buttery sauce matches perfectly with succulent halibut.

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Erin’s Caper Salmon

A delicious salty and tangy salmon dish, perfect with a light salad.

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Spicy and Savory Mussel Dish

Try out this simple yet spicy mussel and french fries dish!

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Barb’s Salmon with Peppers and Onions

Simple, healthy, delicious. Always a favorite.

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Simple and Delicious Tacos

This sustainable seafood recipe is great for bbq-ing on a summery afternoon.

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Tofu and Catfish Stir-fry

Sweet and savory sauce on stirfried veggies and catfish, hot from the wok!

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Steamed Clams in White Wine Sauce

This delicious and simple dish can make anyone a clam lover, perfect for an evening appetizer.

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Celebrity Chefs

Spicy Tu-NO Roll

The owner and chef of Happy Place Sushi in Friday Harbor, Washington, Frank Sicilia is dedicated to only using local, organic and sustainable products for his sushi. He works with family fishermen who sustainably harvest their catch, as well as finding alternatives to overfished species such as Bluefin tuna. Try his Spicy tu-NO Roll which uses steamed beets in the place of unsustainable Bluefin, yet is just as satisfying and delicious.

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Rick Moonen’s Mussel Chowder

A huge advocate for sustainable fishing practices and seafood, Rick’s passion for ocean conservation has led him to acclaim. He owns and operates Rick Moonen’s rm seafood in Las Vegas, which offers “State of the Art Sustainable Seafood.” He has written a cookbook called “Fish Without a Doubt” and has appeared on several cooking shows, including “Top Chef Masters.” He continuously educates the public on ocean conservation and the dangers surrounding overfishing and has testified for sustainability in Washington DC. He is also a “Seafood Champion” for Seafood Choices Alliances and an active member of Seafood Watch and Seaweb.

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Ted Walter’s Striped Bass with Moroccan Chickpea Salad

Ted and Cindy Walter of Passionfish in Pacific Grove, CA are passionate advocates of sustainable seafood. They both speak regularly on the cause, educating the public through their delicious cuisine. Their restaurant was the first in Monterey County to be certified as “green” by the Monterey Bay Green Program, and Ted’s recipes have appeared in several cookbooks and magazines as well as on television. Try out this Moroccan inspired dish, and read more about Ted and Cindy here.

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Casson Trenor’s Faux-Nagi

Casson Trenor is the Senior Markets Campaigner for Greenpeace as well as the owner/founder of the world’s first sustainable sushi restaurant, Tataki, in San Francisco. He is an advocate for sustainable seafood and wrote a book, “Sustainable Sushi: A Guide to Saving the Oceans One Bite at a Time.” He has been featured in many regional, national and international media outlets and was awarded the 2009 “Hero of the Environment” award by TIME magazine, as well as “Ocean Protection Hero” by Save Our Shores. Try out his take on replacing tradition freshwater eel with sustainable sablefish in this sushi dish.

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Sergi Arola’s Marinated Sardines with Herring Roe and Tomato Bread

Chef Sergi Arola, of Spain, has opened 2 successful restaurants, La Broche and Arola in Madrid and Barcelona. He has also written a cookbook, which features signature recipes from La Broche, with step-by-step pictures and directions, making even complicated Spanish fine dining accessible to home cooks. Courtesy of Oceana, try out his Marinated Sardines with Herring Roe, Vegetables and Tomato Bread.

A delightful light and salty sardine dish, with the decadence of Herring Roe >>

Barton Seaver’s Halibut With Ginger Raisin Crust

Barton Seaver is perhaps one of the most well known chef-advocates of sustainable seafood, Barton Seaver is a National Geographic Fellow and author of sustainable seafood book For Cod and Country. He works to engage the public on food sustainability and responsible consumption. Try out this recipe of halibut with a ginger and raisin crust.

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Steve Corry’s Mussel and Chorizo Soup

Steve Corry, the Executive Chef of Portland’s Five Fifty-Five, has been featured in the sustainable seafood issue of “Food and Wine,” Magazine, and won their Best New Chef 2007 prize. He established his reputation by using local ingredients and sustainable seafood, including this delicious Mussel and Chorizo Soup recipe.

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Rick Moonen’s Seared Farmed Striped Bass

Rick Moonen is the founder of several restaurants including New York City’s <e,>rm, and Rick Moonen’s rm seafood in Las Vegas, both of which specialize in seafood. Moonen’s advocacy of seafood sustainability garnered him Seafood Choices Alliance’s “Seafood Champion” in 2006. He is also an active member of Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch and has written several books on cooking and seafood sustainability.</e,>

Here is his recipe for Seared Farmed Striped Bass with Chive Whipped Potatoes, Truffle Vinaigrette and Hen of the woods mushrooms. >>

Eric Ripert’s Poached Pacific Halibut

Eric Ripert is the founder of http://www.aveceric.com the famous New York restaurant Le Bernardin, which has ranked 18th on the World’s 50 Best Restaurants list. He is also well known for his appearances on “Top Chef,” and “Avec Eric.” He has been working with Seafood Choices Alliance, an organization of SeaWeb, since 2001, because of his belief in the importance of protecting seafood and the world’s oceans. He has also worked with NRDC on ocean issues, and providing sustainable seafood recipes to the public.

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Mario Batali’s Mackerel In Scapece

Mario Batali is well known from cooking shows like Iron Chef America, The Chew and Molto Mario. He has opened several successful restaurants and written numerous cookbooks on Italian cuisine. He has also spoken out and worked with The Nature Conservancy on the importance of sustainable seafood, and overall health of the oceans, and said, “(The oceans) are our largest resource, and to squander any part is unthinkingly a fool’s gain.”

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Alton Brown’s Catfish Soup

Alton Brown is a celebrity chef and Food Network Star (Iron Chef America and Good Eats) that has been a strong advocate for sustainable seafood, and through collaboration with the Tennessee Aquarium has established the “Serve and Protect” program, increasing public awareness and education of sustainable seafood. Here is one of his famous sustainable seafood recipes, a culinary challenge to anyone, and delight to everyone.

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