Reversing overfishing is important because seafood is the main protein source for a billion people worldwide, and many of the species they depend on, including bluefin tuna, are on the endangered species list – they may literally be gone soon. Not to mention 60% of all people live near the coast, and many depend on healthy fish stocks for a livelihood, recreation and all kinds of other things.

The main point of GO Fish! is that there are tons of great options for seafood. We don’t have to stop eating it. In fact, sustainable fisheries often produce far more fish, meaning if we do it right, we will have plenty of seafood for a long time to come.

Whether taking a break from over-fished species, or sharing a sustainable seafood dinner with your friends, there are simple actions you can take to celebrate seafood in a way that’s healthy for the ocean.
Get to Know Your Seafood
The first step is getting to know your seafood. By choosing your seafood more wisely, you can help stop overfishing. These guides will help you find great-tasting seafood without getting an endangered species on your plate. Download the guides, or get the apps, and bring them with you when you shop or eat out.

“Know Your Seafood” infographic


Get Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch App to help make sustainable choices at the grocery store and restaurants.


Use to find restaurants with sustainable seafood.

Spread the Word

The sustainable seafood movement is growing, and we’ve got tools you can use to spread the word. Share our videos, infographics, recipes, and blogs with your friends so they can join the community too.

— Check out our “Seafood & Your Health” Infographic