Meghan MacGillivray
JP is a crucial Team member – and is Co-Manager of our Digital Media Team.

The OWOO Crew is a blog series that introduces you to the people behind all the videos, blog posts, photos and tweets aimed at changing the way the world sees the ocean: the One World One Ocean crew.

Jason Paul (JP) is the Co-Manager for our outstanding Digital Media Team. A talented musician, he fills his weeks with editing, problem solving, sound work, and composing music – just to name a few of his many duties. He is involved in all aspects of the filmmaking process – from production to post-production to marketing/distribution and business development. He's been a part of the Team since 2007, and one of his favorite memories comes from his recent experience helping create an interactive museum exhibit “Sea Monsters Revealed” in the Museum of Science and Industry in Tampa, Florida.  He also was a huge part of our Epic Splash Mob, when the entire company visited the beach and filmed a thank you video – ending with everyone jumping into the ocean. From dressing up as a polar bear for our To The Arctic premieres, to playing music during events, JP is always ready and willing to help out and is a crucial part of our Team.

Here's a bit more from the man himself.



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