Boxer crabs attach stinging anemones to their pincers to fight off gobies and other predators. They often wave them like pom-poms to scare off larger foes. — The boxer crab can squeeze into small crevices and is very unlikely to venture into the open for long.– Potential predators are likely to be small rock dwellers such as gobies and other small fish — The pincers of the boxer crab are so small and well adapted to their role in holding anemones that they are of little use in defense. However, together with the extra punch given by the stings of the anemones the boxer crab's pincers are useful in fighting off predators. — As a result of using its pincers to hold anemones, the boxer crab has adapted to use its second pair of legs and they are very effective at ripping off small pieces of food from larger chunks and moving them delicately towards their mouth.


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