By Molly Malloy
Wakeboarder in Florida gets surprise when some finned friends get in on the fun

As part of our mission to be the ocean’s storyteller, we share the best ocean stories from around the world, including ones that we can’t always capture ourselves! That’s why we’re introducing our “Video of the Week” series, where we will give a shout out to the best ocean-focused video we can find (in our opinion, of course).

You’re the boots on the ground and in the water, so feel free to share your submissions for the OWOO Video of the Week on our Facebook page. It doesn’t have to be high quality cinematography, it has to be amazing. If it gets the OWOO stamp of approval, we’ll feature it as our video of the week!

We kick off this week with a wake boarder in Florida who got the ultimate surprise when some finned friends decided to join in on the fun.





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