Ted Reckas
An amazing visualization of overfishing. If you eat fish, you should see this.

Our video of the week.


When I came across this video in its first incarnation, it was in German. Even with my ignorance of the language, the visuals made it clear it was a powerful piece, something that could change the way people see overfishing, so I contacted the creative mind behind it, Uli Streckenbach, and asked about getting an English translation. He said it would be a few weeks, as he was translating into eight languages. That was in January, and it’s been an anticipation-filled wait.

It’s finished now, and shows our European friends are not only creative, they’re serious about stopping overfishing. This brilliant video reveals why we all should be engaged in this issue. Who knew learning about a grim reality in the ocean could be so visually stimulating? Enjoy.



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