Sarah Bedolfe
A talented creative team donated their free time to make this beautiful and powerful animated film about overfishing.

In a corner of Amsterdam, just outside the city’s center, lies an old elementary school that now houses The Black Fish, a nonprofit group devoted to combating destructive and damaging fishing practices.

I had the opportunity to stop by the headquarters of The Black Fish this summer while visiting Europe. The staff has come from all over the world, from co-founder Wietse van der Werf – a Dutch local – to volunteers from as far away as the United States and New Zealand. I thought the office was an impressive tribute to what a small but dedicated crew can accomplish. 

In fact, the talented and creative minds behind their latest project – a powerful animation explaining the problems in today’s fishing industry – was completed entirely by experts who donated their free time to this noble cause.

Beautiful, informative, and moving films that inspire action, like this one, are just the type of work that we here at the One World One Ocean Campaign connect with and love to share with our online communities. After you’re done watching, hop on over to The Black Fish website to learn more and take action!

Losing Nemo from mrlee.tv on Vimeo.


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