Plus a bonus top 10 list from Digital Director Marc Ostrick that goes to eleven.

Here at One World One Ocean we’re celebrating some big milestones in digital media. The OWOO YouTube channel has reached:

  • 2 million views
  • over 100 videos posted
  • more than1,000 subscribers

We owe a big thanks to you, our supporters, for helping us get so far so fast! Our first video, “Why the Ocean,” was published 9 months ago, and we are thrilled to see the amount of growth we’ve had in such a short time.

With our roots at MacGillivray Freeman Films, storytelling through motion pictures is our first language, and given the ubiquity of YouTube, it wasn’t hard for us to jump from giant-screen IMAX films to shareable videos.

We’ve all seen the power of recent videos to change the world, whether it’s shining the light on atrocities in Africa, like Kony 2012, or just making us all laugh, with stuff like the classic, “Double rainbow.” And so far people like our videos! They’ve been shared by The Today Show, The Huffington Post, MSN, TreeHugger, and many others. We’re excited to be part of an online community that shares its values and inspiration through video.

We look forward to taking it further, and continuing to bring you entertaining, inspiring and though-provoking stories about the ocean.

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We checked in with our Director of Digital Media, Marc Ostrick, to see what his 10 favorite OWOO videos are, and true to form, Marc’s list goes to eleven.


1. Mission Aquarius


2. Ocean Expedition Series: Bahamas – Shark Tagging!

3. Incredible Whale Encounter

4. Ocean Heroes: Howard Hall Filming Great White Sharks


5. The Ocean We Want to Know

6. Protect Our Marine Parks

7. Artists & Oceans: Emilio Perez


8. Rare Encounter with Greenland Shark

9. Boat to Belly


10. Weekly Dive: Nudibranch


11. Sea Creature Fun Facts: Walrus



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