Kimmy Helling
The creatures of the ocean have a little advice for our friends going back to school this week.

Kids, I remember when I was in school I was such an awkward little grunion. But lucky for you, I have some pretty good advice to pass down…


First of all, let your mother take a photo of you before you leave the house. 


That way she won’t want to take it in front of your friends.


When you’re getting dressed, try not to wear exactly what your siblings are wearing. 


Get to school on time.


Don’t be shy!


It’s a new year!


Talk to someone you wouldn’t have talked to before.


Don’t blurt out anything awkward in class that would embarrass you for the rest of your life. 


People don’t forget those things.


Just kidding. You’ll be fine.


You’ll fit right in!


Even if you feel like the odd fish out…


So seize the day! 


Fall in love!


There are beautiful adventures that lie ahead.



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