Celebrate World Oceans Day

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Protect Marine Underwater Parks

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Dolphins Celebrate World Oceans Day PSA

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Celebrate World Oceans Day on June 8th.

Sea creatures and humans alike are enjoying the benefits of Marine Protected Areas. This PSA invites everyone to use and enjoy their underwater parks around the globe.

This PSA celebrates Dolphins and invites everyone to be a part of the movement to protect our oceans!

The Ocean We Want to Know

– a fun animated video targeting young audiences –

3 minutes


Join “Mitzi and Ferdie” as they take an adventure around the world to some of the ocean’s most special places to the tune of Gotye’s popular song “Somebody That I Used To Know.” This video celebrates the wonders of the ocean with stunning facts about our connection to the planet’s lifeline.



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•  Video Contest Description – Click here for a contest description. (WordDoc)

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•   “The Ocean We Want to Know” Fact Sheet

•   World Oceans Day Social Media copy for “The Ocean We Want to Know” Animated Video

•   World Oceans Day Conservation Tips

•   Download our Suggested Social Media Ideas for World Oceans Day. Tweets, Facebook promotions, and interactive trivia.


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World Oceans Day Toolkit for Museums and Aquariums