The ocean is the pulse of the planet, the waves are the heartbeat, and its vast amount of resources are its veins, giving life to all who live here. If we do not take care of the ocean’s heart, our planet will perish. Vladimir Kubr (13) and Nathan Ansermet (14) share these ideals and have sparked a passion for ocean conservation at such a young age.  It isn’t often that you find young boys interested in anything other than technology these days, but these two have found a way to use technology to make the world a better place.

Vladimir and Nathan set out to the beach to create a one-minute documentary-style short about ocean conservation awareness. Awareness is not the only issue that the health of the ocean faces; it also needs change. Vladimir and Nathan propose a solution and a call to action in their short video. They want to collect the plastic contaminating the ocean and turn it into something more useful, like a punching bag.

It’s not easy to convey a message in less than a minute, but these kids have been able to do so with interviews, footage of trash in the ocean, and fun editing techniques. Writing, directing, editing can be extremely intimidating, but not to these talented young men. One World One Ocean would like to congratulate Vladimir, Nathan, and the rest of the cast and crew on their efforts to spread the message for a positive change for the ocean. Check out their documentary and help spread their message so we can take care of the ocean, one punching bag at a time. 

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