We have lots of videos you can use for your website, Facebook page, Twitter, and other outlets to celebrate International Polar Bear Day on Feb. 27!

Short, humorous videos from One World One Ocean.

The Laziest Polar Bear — An example how this video was used from the TODAY Show. Polar Bear Handstand The Saddest Polar Bear Cub


These Polar Bear videos include footage from the IMAX film, To The Arctic.

Polar Bears Sleeping: To The Arctic IMAX 3D Polar Bear Survival Skills: To The Arctic IMAX 3D Polar Bear the Arctic’s Top Predator: To The Arctic IMAX 3D
Meet To The Arctic’s Polar Bear Family Sea Creature Fun Fact #129: Polar Bear Cubs Sea Creature Fun Fact #097: Newborn Polar Bears
Sea Creature Fun Fact #118: Polar Bear    


Start a photo caption contest or just share these lovable polar bear images.

Examples of how to caption the photos.


•   One World One Ocean Campaign – Arctic Initiative

•   Download our Suggested Social Media Ideas for International Polar Bear Day. Tweets, Facebook promotions, and interactive trivia.

•   Polar Bear Fact Sheet (PDF)             •   International Polar Bear Day Graphic



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International Polar Bear Day Toolkit for Museums and Aquariums