By Ted Reckas
Here comes the good stuff. Yessss.

I know you know. Overfishing is decimating fish populations worldwide. Ocean acidification is happening faster than it has in 300M years. Coral reefs are dying off. Whales are still being hunted. The list goes on and on. But all these things are opportunities for positive change, for good. Here we highlight the wins, the successes, the steps forward toward a healthy, thriving ocean that will stay healthy and thriving as long as we humans have anything to do with it.

“Right on human! Nice work!”

PLASTIC BOTTLES BANNED in the Grand Canyon. First they were, then they weren’t, but with Zion National Park having already banned them, the attention is there, the pressure is on, and a ban is close.
Hang on, what does the Grand Canyon have to do with the ocean, you ask? It was carved by the Colorado River, and all rivers run to the…oh yeah.

SHARK FINNING, a horrible practice, is BANNED in California, Oregon, Washington, Hawaii. While the International Seafood Sustainability Foundation is the most recent signatory, the states of New York and Maryland are considering it as well.

PLASTIC BAGS BANNED in more and more places. San Francisco expanded their ban from grocery and pharmacy chains to all retailers in the city, and Laguna Beach and Dana Point both recently voted to ban them as well.

MORE OF THE OCEAN PROTECTED, with new MPAs in Oregon and South Georgia Island.

SEA TURTLES ON THE RISE. Okay, not all sea turtles worldwide, but on one island (Baguan) in one region (Tawi Tawi) of one autonomous zone (Mindanao) of one country (Philippines), the green sea turtles appear to be thriving. We’ll take it.

PETITION TO STOP LIVE DOLPHIN TRANSFERS on Hong Kong Airlines flights WORKS, saving untold numbers of dolphins. Next time someone sends you a petition for a good cause, sign it.

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